Meet Kevin

Certified Nutrition & Training Coach

My passion and mission is to help educate, support and empower you to achieve your health and fitness goals and become the very best version of yourself, so that you can feel more confident, energised, and live a healthier and happier better quality of life.


My passion for health and fitness led me to create a coaching business and brand, where my goal is to provide the highest quality of service and achieve the very best results for my clients. There is no better feeling than watching your client become stronger, fitter and leaner whilst feeling more confident, energised and healthier. I place a huge emphasis on educating my clients and giving them the tools to help achieve their goals, optimise their health, and improve their well-being, so they get to sustain it long term.

What sets me apart is my personalised coaching process, which will allow you to really own your results. With my honest approach to coaching i'll help you to overcome any obstacles while celebrating all the successes along the way.


We are all individuals with different goals so there is not a one size fits all approach. From managing lifestyle, habits, training, and nutrition, I will help to reassess the core factors that have the largest impact on your health, body, fitness, and well-being, so we can find an approach that compliments your lifestyle, and helps get you towards your goals in an enjoyable and healthy manner.